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Do we actually Need Sustainable Fashion Brands? - Zabreca
Do we actually Need Sustainable Fashion Brands?

Fashions are becoming very popular among the public. Fashion approach, something new or some alternate in count of our residing. Fashion is nota brand newelement.Fashion is not a new thing. Every era has its own trends and fashions. There is a competition among brands to achieve success and fame among the masses.

It effects the lives nearly in every aspect such as food, clothes, languages, furniture, homes, cars etc. Fashion brands is of great influence even in common man’s life. Its importance cannot be denied in life today. Fashion brands is not the necessity but it has been made, unfortunately. It is generating gap in society. So, it is necessary to introduce Sustainable fashion brands.

There is a controversy between fashion brands and sustainable fashion brands. Sustainable fashion brands refers to those products which possess good quality with reasonable price level. It is the movement of continuous change in the fashion industry. Provision of sustainable fashion brands is the duty of both private and public sector. Sustainable fashion brands possess wonderful aspects. It ensures to bring prosperity in society by reducing conflicts among classes. Without sustainable fashion brands it is not possible for people of less income to use quality products.

The commercial revolution delivered forth brilliant gains in monetary prosperity. Furthermore, sustainable fashion brands has vital role to play. In this modern world, fashions are hot topics everywhere. This is the age of pride and vanity. People want to show off their wealth. They look modern if they are up to date and fashionable. It has become a symbol of status. People decide the status of others by brands which they use. It has become the mind set of people that brands improve their living standard and provides them with quality life.

In addition to this, fashion has become the source of pleasure and satisfaction. People feel comfortable by wearing branded clothes, by using branded cell phones and by wearing branded footwear. Man by nature like novelty in life. It is said that variety is the spice of life. He finds pleasure and joy in new things. In this way, sustainable fashion has a role to play by ensuring the durability of local good, to discourage the trends of fashion brands.

Moreover, excessive fashion brands have made the new generation crazy. They are willing to do anything to remain in prevailing fashion trends. Fashion brands are cause to divide the society into parts. In such situation, there is a dire need to introduce sustainable fashion brands because it is helpful to reduce the discrimination in society. It creates balance and cause to generate sense of equality among people.

Similarly, Sustainable fashion brands have paramount role to play economically. It not only gives easy access to domestic customers rather, it also attracts foreign customers as well. It can give a boom to economy of the state. In this way, it increases foreign reserves of country and cause to stabilize its currency as well.

Fashion industry is spreading its tentacles in the modern world which increases its monopoly. Monopoly in any field is a curse which further cause to deteriorations. The major focus of monopolists is to charge high price level and added profits for themselves. Sustainable fashion brands has the characteristic to reduce the monopoly of fashion brands by introducing sustainable products. Therefore, sustainable fashion brands should be promoted.


Furthermore, people do not want to miss anything new which can enhance to their beauty and charm. Extraordinary craze for stylish things in life cannot be appreciated by any sensible person. Due to globalization, people of one country is well aware of the fashion and trends in other country. By following fashion, people are willing to cross the limits of their own culture and society. It is difficult to separate fashion and identity. It is the main characteristic of healthy and sustainable fashion to maintain identity. In this regard, Sustainable fashion brands are necessary to maintain the norms and values of culture in a particular society.

Likewise, fashion has brought revolution in this modern world. People are spending much more to look fashionable. Due to high demand of brands, price level has increased which reduces the access of everyone to fashion brands. So, sustainable fashion brands can give access to everyone. Sustainable fashion brands not only fulfil the requirements of the masses but also make luxury affordable for everyone. Hence, there is a dire need to promote sustainable fashion brands.

In the same way, it is the need of hour to introduce sustainable fashion brands. People desires are unlimited while resources are limited. Sustainable fashion brands has capability to meet the needs of masses in limited resources. Sustainability in fashion brands makes people feel special by accommodating them desirable products.

Apart from it, as there is a boost in population. There is infinite demands to get new things because people who are fashionable, appreciated. Sustainable fashion brands introduce best ways to meet the interest of ever growing population. In 21stcentury, people do not want to compromise on their appearance. They prefer to spend their money on looking fashionable. In such situation, it is the sustainable fashion brands which can satisfy them with no harms.


On the contrary, if sustainable fashion brands are not focussed in time, discrimination gap will be increasing in society. For instance, People who use fashion brands considered themselves first class and look down upon those who do not use. Such situation can increase the hatred feelings among people by losing heart of lower class people. It is necessary to look ahead to tackle this alarming situation by introducing sustainable fashion brands.

Secondly, in the modern world, people fell a prey to fashion brands. Social unrest is spreading among the people. In this modern world, fashion is changing instantly which has made people restive. They get no satisfaction even after getting specific fashion brands. They want to get more and more variety. People even do not use one product to its limit. They get worry to avail the latest fashion brands. Fashion industry has conquered the mind set of people by making them brand conscious. Therefore, it is time to drain out these kinds of thoughts to encourage sustainable fashion.

Thirdly, there is a situation of competition among fashion brands. In this era, competition has become very tough due to research and technology. Innovations are made on daily basis. Companies are in worry to uplift their brands. As clothes and footwear are made in factories at large scale. Wastes of factories are not properly disposed of which is threatening to the sustainable environment.  Environment is being harm by over production and over consumption. Sustainable Fashion policies allow producers and consumers to recognize and internalize the environmental cost of technology and thus to spur innovation to clean up the environment.

Conclusively, it has become a great challenge to keep a balance in trending brands. The goal of sustainable fashion brands is to flourish environment and communities through its activity i.e., by increasing the value and durability of local products, improving the lifecycle of materials, reducing wastes and harms of created products as a result of excessive production and consumption. No doubt, having access to the expensive brands is beneficial, but it is rightly said that it is not important what you are wearing but it is, how you are wearing. However, by making efforts, it would be possible to give opined to masses to promote sustainable fashion brands. There is a great role for consumers to play by making themselves sustainability conscious rather brands conscious.